RUMMYNOSE: Definitive Guide on Rummynose Tetras

By Heiko Bleher

Petitella bleheri Gery & Mahnert, 1987. The history of the third rummynose species started with my trip end of 1964 to the Rio Negro, the first one after I returned from my studies of ichthyology, biology, limnology and oceanography in the USA while I was working on the Gulf Fish Farm in Florida with the late Ross Socolof. I had, after my return to Brazil, opened my company Aquarium Rio in Rio de Janeiro and went collecting fishes throughout Brazil opening up stations at the Araguaia River, Paraguay river and in Belém, collecting in the Rio Tocantins, the lower Xingu rivers and elsewhere.

In Manaus I worked with Willy Schwartz of Aquario Rio Negro. Willy was the pioneer of tropical fish export out of Manaus, a former animal hunter who started to sell Amazon fishes in the early 1960s. He was Austrian and therefore spoke my mother language, German. We understood each other right from begin and this lasted until his death…

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